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Sri Mahajana Metals has been in the business for 35 years and has successfully established itself as one of the leading names in the hardware industry in Sri Lanka. Our many years of experience coupled with our passion and expertise has paved the way for us to deliver value, quality and affordable products - Mahajana Plywoods

Quality of Plywood

Meet the requirements consistently and comply with applicable standards and with other norms set out by the buyers and the society in large, such as technical, aesthetic, environmental and increasingly also social criteria. In value added wood products, quality will also denote the differences between customer groups and price points of products put for sale. Standards are in that sense a tool for market segmentation and product branding. QOP often seen as an attempt to sustain the domestic industry and counter the competitiveness threat from imported products.

MR Grade SLS ISI 9001 (Interiors)

British Standard

Marine Plywood

Termite-Resistant and Borer-Proof

Fire Resistant Grade

BWP & BWR (Boiling Water Proof & Resistant) Exteriors

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