MDF Melamine Boards

SRI LANKAN MALAYSIAN CHINA MDF Melamine Board is a decorative surface option for particleboard or MDF panels and can be used to replace high pressure laminates in many applications. Melamine Board is easy-to-clean, scratch and stain resistant. Melamine Board saves money and time because the application process doesn’t require sanding or finishing as with solid wood products. Melamine Board comes in many colors and thicknesses and textures; it is ideal for cabinets, countertops, furniture and shelving. It can be used for unique applications, as well.


  • 1220mm x 2440mm x 5mm
  • 1220mm x 2440mm x 6mm
  • 1220mm x 2440mm x 8mm
  • 1220mm x 2440mm x 9mm
  • 1220mm x 2440mm x 11mm
  • 1220mm x 2440mm x 12mm
  • 1220mm x 2440mm x 14mm
  • 1220mm x 2440mm x 15mm
  • 1220mm x 2440mm x 17mm
  • 1220mm x 2440mm x 18mm
  • 1220mm x 2440mm x 24mm
  • 1220mm x 2440mm x 25mm

Alphonso Mango, American White Ash, Artisan Walnut, Atlantic Grey, Brushed Aluminium, Burma Teak, Canadian Maple, Columbian Walnut, Cuban Tobacco, Flame Beech, Flat White, Forest Mix, French Blue, Fudge Wood, Golden Aloe, Golden Teak, Golden Wenge, Japanese Jacaranda, Jinderbine Maple, Jungle Teak, Jura Walnut, Kandy Walnut, Mahogany, Mangfall Beech, Mediterranean Ash, Merbok White, Midnight Elm, Paramara, Parched Capok, Raven Black, Rich Cherry, Rock Maple, Rose Pink, Royal Oak, Royal Sapele, Rustic Pear, Samoan Green, Samurai Red, Silver Pewter, Star Dust, Sunflower Yellow, Traditional Oak, Universal Beech, Washed Oak, Wenge, Zebrano, Zebrawood, Zulu Morioka


Recommended for furnitures, interior applications such as joinery, lacquered, veneered or film faced furniture, moulding, architraves, doors, shelving, wall linings and partitions, and trophies. Recommended for interior use only and should not be exposed to damp conditions or high humidity. MDF Melamine gives a fine texture, high bonding strength and inherent stability allows precise and easy machining of panel face and edges, creating endless design and finished product opportunities.

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